VDot Cleantech

As the world is racing to decarbonize, transportation systems must switch to clean fuel. Targets are set to significantly cut shipping emissions by 2050 and long-lasting solutions are needed.

HyCmax can be your solution

New And Disruptive

VDot holds world-leading expertise in the design and manufacturing of heavy-duty hydrogen power generators. Developing new and disruptive technology for the marine sector. With our first project HyCmax, our plan is to get you where you are going.

First Deployment Ready 2023
Beluga 24 GCF

Introducing HyCmax

Racked Based Format
Modular Design
High Fuel Efficiency


300kW hybridized LTPEM fuel cell + LTO battery system

Its unique modular design architecture and high fuel efficiency minimizes total cost of ownership

Designed to the requirements of extreme duty  applications such as marine, rail and EV charging

To be approved by a maritime Classification Society


Strategic Collaborators

VDot Cleantech partners with leaders in technological development and innovation to provide pioneering solutions. Our partnerships enrich and supplement all of our strategic efforts.


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